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2016 Got You Down? Enter 2017 With a Premium Cigar

Let?s be honest, 2016 wasn?t the greatest. Thankfully however, New Years Day is right around the corner and it couldn?t be a more perfect time to light up your smoke. A box of our premium custom cigars can compliment your New Year?s Party like nothing else. A New Year?s party usually has one main staple: Champagne. What most people don?t know, is that a glass of bubbly mixed with a premium stogie, can make the night even better. ?The cleansing power of the bubbles enhances the flavor of the cigar and reduced alcoholic content as compared to hard spirits can offer a higher degree of aromatic perception and finesse.? (Franca Comparetto, Cigar Journal.) One of our Briarmont cigars mixed with your favorite bottle of Champagne, can end your 2016 party on a positive note and welcome 2017 with open arms. Think the pairing of a cigar with New Year?s is a strange one? There is actually a small town in Pennsylvania called Red Lion, (once famous for many brands of cigars made in there) that will ?celebrate 2017 with a countdown, cigar raise and fireworks display in the square? (Abbey Zelko, York Daily Record). So if you decide to indulge in one of our cigars this holiday, just know there is a small town in Pennsylvania doing the same. So raise your glasses, spark your lighters, and greet 2017 with a smile.