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Customized Corporate Event Cigars

Corporations are grasping at anything—napkins, pens, pins, and stress balls—to include their corporation's emblem on. Publicity, in fact, is everything. Unfortunately that plastic item, one that may or may not have been a pen holder, more often than not finds itself in the trash can. Implementing a more unique and functional item for both corporate gifts and events will ensure that the recipient's valuable time and effort does not go unnoticed, and that the corporate gift will leave a lasting impression. Personalized cigars with cigar bands that have a company's inside joke, or even just the company logo and handing them out for the next holiday party can produce more company pride and unification. Or, at a corporate event, gifting personalized cigars with the corporation's symbol can spark buzz: first around the unique nature of the gift, and second, around the company itself. What company hands out customized cigars instead of pens? A trendy one! This buzz can lead to a social media burst that when caught by the right people can positively change the company forever.

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