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Covfefe Hashtag: 5 Things You Can Brand With the Typo to #NeverForget

covfefe, trump tweets, tweet, twitter, trump, donald trump, president, the president, president trump, the donald, covfefe, tweet, twitter, trump, donald tweet, trump tweets, response, trump twitter, the president, president, president trump, covfefe tweet#covfefe was one of many things that came from President Trump's Twitter account to quickly go viral. While Trump was clearly trying to type the word, "conferences," his typo was trending before his PR team could fix the mistake. Whatever side you're on, covfefe is now an important word from Donald Trump's presidency. In order to remember it forever, here are 5 things you can personalize with the typo.

Covfefe Products

1.?Periodic Table Keychain

keychain, name keychain, names, personalized, personalized keychainWhile this Etsy seller created this for names, covfefe will easily incorporate into one of these keychains! After all, the periodic symbol for iron is FE. The keychain would therefore read: carbon, oxygen, vanadium, iron, iron. Not only will you seem smarter than Trump, you'll also have a souvenir to remind you daily about his Tweet typo. This keychain will serve as a warning to all about the importance of spellcheck.

2. A Personalized Cigar

cigar band, custom tobacco, custom cigar, cigar, covfefe cigar, covfefe band, custom, personalize, personal, customizeMaybe you really want to remember this moment with your friends.?A great way to celebrate?the President's typo is to share a cigar with covfefe on it.?At Custom Tobacco, you can put whatever word you want on whatever band you want to produce the cigar of your dreams. You'll have at least 10 cigars to share, or keep, and smoke in celebration of the infamous tweet.

3. A Sticker

Over at Red Bubble, you can choose from a variety of stickers that celebrate or mock the word covfefe. One spectacular option is the sticker that reads, "Make America covfefe again." The site also has stickers with the single word or the original tweet. Whatever you choose, you can advertise your knowledge of current events on your laptop, car, water bottle, or wherever else you'd put a sticker!

4. A Bracelet

custom bracelet, custom, customized, custom gifts, jewlery?What better way to flaunt your style AND your knowledge of current twitter events than jewelry? The linked Etsy shop does metal bracelets, but you can easily find leather cuffs if that's more your style. Etsy's a great place to find any type of jewelry that you want personalized with covfefe. Or your own name.

5. A Wine Glass

You can engrave a wine glass with covfefe. This glass would be perfect for 2 Buck Chuck (Charles Shaw) or any wine that's really trashy. Your dinner party guests will be so impressed with your humor. Who wouldn't want to drink out of a covfefe wine glass?