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A Piece of History: Why Winston Churchill Has A Cigar Named After Him

There are plenty of figures from history known for their cigar smoking. But few besides British Prime Minister Winston Churchill have had a cigar style actually named after them. That?s because when it came to the frequent and enthusiastic smoking of cigars, none matched Churchill?s pace and passion. From Cuba, With Love Ever since falling in love with Cuban cigars during a trip to Havana, Churchill was a voracious cigar smoker. Churchill?s home had a room stocked with thousands of quality cigars, which he would often smoke at a rate of nearly a dozen per day. But Churchill?s love of cigars went further than frequency. The real reason Churchill had a cigar named after him is, cigar smoking was as important to his daily life as eating and sleeping. cigar pack, cigars, cigar origin A Legendary Gentleman Take for example that 1945 meeting between the Prime Minister and the king of Saudi Arabia himself. Churchill held a luncheon for the king, who for Koranic reasons didn?t allow smoking and drinking in the ?Royal Presence.? Churchill said in response, ?my rule of life prescribed as an absolutely sacred rite smoking cigars and also the drinking of alcohol before, after and if need be during all meals and in the intervals between them.? The king accepted Churchill?s earnest explanation and permitted him to light up in his presence. A Gentleman?s Cigar Today, the sizable Churchill-style cigar is an homage to the man?s larger-than-life character. With an hour to hour and a half smoke time, the Churchill cigar is not for the novice smoker. It?s also important to note that, as with all cigar shapes and sizes, Churchill cigar flavor and strength depends on the wrapper and tobacco blend of your choice. You can design your very own custom Churchill cigar based on your preferences with our easy-to-use platform.