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American Presidents Who Enjoyed a Quality Smoke

In honor of our 4th of July, here are three United States Presidents that would encourage you to include cigars in your Independence Day festivities. And why?s that? Because they were no strangers to celebrating with a nice stogie, themselves. John F. Kennedy, Cigar, Smoking, President, Custom Tobacco

President John F. Kennedy:

The youngest elected President of the United States, John F. Kennedy saw several successes: he helped the United States overcome a recession, helped inaugurate the Peace Corps, and enacted the Equal Pay Act of 1963. As for cigars, John F. Kennedy enjoyed his fair share. In fact, in 1972, the 35th president all but ordered his staff to bring him 1,000 Cuban cigars. The reason? Kennedy was planning to ban all Cuban products from the United States thereafter. Bill Clinton, America, President, Custom Tobacco, Cigar, 4th of July

President Bill Clinton:

Credited with the longest economic expansion in United States history, President Bill Clinton boasts some notable achievements. Among many, the 42nd President of the United States pushed an agenda innovative in education, law enforcement, and medicine. Although few reports have confirmed Bill Clinton actually engaged in his fair share of cigar smoking, many pictures show him with unlit cigars in his mouth. It would be of no surprise, however, if any of those pictures preluded a quality smoke by the President. After all, it would be hard to resist taking so many photos without lighting one up while under the stresses of presidential office. James Madison, American, President, Cigar, Custom Tobacco

President James Madison:

As an author of the Federalist Papers, contributor to the U.S. Constitution, and leader of the War of 1812, James Madison impacted the United States far before his presidency. As a Founding Father, our fourth president of the United States was the first to enjoy a quality smoke. Pronouncing ?cigar? as ?seegar,? James Madison indulged himself in tobacco smoking up until his death at the age of 85. Honor the American tradition of smoking cigars this 4th of July by purchasing a customized cigar bundle from Custom Tobacco! Include an American flag on the band to ensure you and your friends find yourselves at peak holiday spirit!3