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America's Sweethearts

In honor of Independence Day, we?d like to take a moment to travel back?and honor the girls deemed beautiful inside and out, earning them the?title of America?s Sweetheart. Mary Pickford The original ?America?s Sweetheart,? actress Mary, was named in?1914 by international consensus, making her the ultimate ?World?s?Sweetheart? for her bouncy, beautiful curls and angelic smile. Shirley Temple True to the sweet and delicious cherry drink named after her, the tap-dancing, political starlet claimed her title as America?s Sweetheart in?renowned compliance. Judy Garland This charming sweetheart was named #1 on the Sweetheart charts?in 1939 by casting a spell on America and truly putting us ?Over the?Rainbow? with her innocent beauty. Marilyn Monroe The legendary movie star known for her natural beauty and classic?sexiness shook up our definition of America?s Sweetheart when?she heated up the movie screen in the 50?s making her the ultimate?sweetheart with a red-hot center. Annette Funicello In addition to being America?s Sweetheart, Funicello was America?s go-to Beach Babe for her star roles in the ?Beach Party? movie series. And?just like any American darling, she got her start with Walt Disney. Meg Ryan Meg charmed us all in When Harry Met Sally, and she did such a good?job, she was typecast as a love-struck darling who played America?s?Sweetheart in real life as well.