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Anatomy of a Cigar

Like many pleasurable commodities, a fine cigar is the sum of each of its well-crafted parts. Every cigar smoker should be knowledgable about the anatomy of this elegantly crafted tobacco device before smoking. ?Who would wantto look like a rookie in front of a group of aficionados? The cap is a loose piece of tobacco on the top of the cigar, made from natural glue. It keeps the cigar together and prevents the wrapper from falling apart. The body is the main part of the cigar that holds the tobacco. ?The actual length and thickness varies based on personal taste, however the body's function is always to stores the tobacco. The end of the cigar is called the foot. ?Be sure to clip the foot when you are ready to light your cigar. Finally, the cigar band gives your cigar the visual que that is not apparent by the blend and smoke alone. Customizing your band allows you to dictate the exact flare you want your cigar to present-- whether it be your company's brand, your family name, or simply an interesting image that grabs your eye. Whether ready made or customized, be sure to always smoke a cigar that represents you!