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Are Cuban Cigars Still Illegal?

You'll often hear about the infamous Cuban Cigar. A classic in old mafia movies and an iconic part of A-list celebrity culture back in the day. We know they?haven't?been around for a while, but what happened to them?
February 1962. The then president JFK created a trade embargo against Communist Cuba to sanction Fidel Castro's regime. At the the Fidel had taken control of the the island of Cuba and had seized properties (including cigar companies).
1962! Yea, that's a long time ago. Aren't we over communism now? & We wait, we even trade with communist countries like China! Can we have Cuban cigars in the US?
The short answer to that is no, they are still illegal and the law has been even MORE stringent in 2004. United States citizens can't buy them at home OR abroad. So even if you fly over to Cuba for a summertime vacation, US citizens can't legally?acquire?or consume Cuban cigars.
So, when CAN we get Cuban cigars?
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As long as Fidel Castro is still kicking, and as long as Cuba's government remains a Communist, the Cuban Trade Embargo will still be effective. While the embargo is controversial, as some think it hurts the people of Cuba more than Castro, many people are trying to overturn it.
While the Cuban cigars?aren't?on the market, why not try the closest thing on the market? The Briarmont Reserve is considered "the best Cuban cigar not to be made in Cuba."