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Beautiful Smokes: The 5 Aesthetic Cigars You Should Be Smoking

Now we all know looks aren't everything. But a large part of cigar smoking is the social aspect. Below are some of the most beautiful cigars available that will make you look good smoking them. cigar, cigars, aesthetic, pretty, pretty cigars, aesthetic cigars, smoking, smoking culture, smoke, beautiful

The Most Beautiful Cigars You Can Buy

Briarmont Classic Double Wrap?or the Briarmont Reserve Habano

cigars, custom tobacco, custom cigar, custom cigars, personal cigar, cigar gift, beautiful cigars, aesthetic cigars, cigars, double wrap, habano, reserve, briarmont   This company has two so pretty we had to mention them both! The double wrap (on the bottom) makes the cigar much more beautiful than the average cigar wrap. It has a medium-bodied flavor with peppery notes. The Briarmont Reserve Habano is basically a Cuban cigar that's not actually from Cuba. It has a full-bodied complexity with hints of spiciness and chocolate. It's ultra-dark wrapper makes it look sophisticated and elite. Both cigars are beautiful smokes and even better tasting cigars. Also, the fact that they're from Custom Tobacco?means that you can design the cigar band yourself, to make it even more visually pleasing than it already is.

CAO Amazon Basin CAO recently released a second line of the Amazon Basin, a previously limited cigar. The band is rope twined around the wrapper and sitting for at least 6 months, absorbing the flavor.?This cigar feels rustic with the rope band, creating a truly aesthetic look. The flavors itself are medium-bodied and intensified by the rope band.

Camacho Double Shock Can you tell that double wrapped cigars are generally better looking? These cigars are the epitome of class. Their band encases two cigars at a time, encouraging?you either to share or smoke them back to back. The scorpion on the band instead of words also adds exclusivity to the cigars. People not in the know will have to ask you where it's from.

Gurkha Beauty It looks so good, it has "beauty" in the name! This cigar takes a quality picture. It's pretty expensive at $128.00 for a pack of 5, but its flavors are described as elegant and delicate. It arrives in the box with a gold cap, screaming elitism. The light wrapper and the gold band just make the cigar itself look exquisite and exclusive.

Paul Stulac Red Screaming Sun Not only is this cigar's color palette accurately named, it also has a packed flavor. The gold, winged shield, and skull against the red background recall the sun and make it easy to match this cigar to your clothes/accessories. The reflective gold also makes this cigar good for photographing. Often, the lighting creates an ombre effect along the cigar. These cigars are perfect for making sure you look as good as possible while smoking. Whether you're an aficionado or not, these cigars look good and taste good.