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Bizarre Smoking Laws

Laws concerning smoking have become tighter and tighter with every year. But for some?laws, you just have to wonder what they were smoking. From puffing monkeys to killer?ashtrays, here are the 5 most ridiculous laws about smoking. Tony, Montana, Scarface, movie, film, gangster, cigar, smoker, rich, cuban 1. Indiana According to legend, back in the 1920?s, a monkey appeared in court for getting caught?smoking in the city of South Bend. A law was passed that makes it illegal to force a monkey?to smoke a cigarette.?No one said anything about cigars though! 2. New Orleans People from all around the nation flock to New Orleans to go crazy at Mardi Gras. But if?you plan to ride on a float or march in the parade, there is no smoking allowed. In a festival?where pretty much everything goes, this seems like a very minor detail to be worried about.?However, smoking is still fair game for the actual floats. 3. Portugal This may not be about smoking, per say, but it?s very much related. The lovely country of?Portugal forbids the ownership of ashtrays, in fear that ashtrays could be as lethal weapons.?But when you go by that line of thinking, pretty much anything can be used as a weapon.?Ashtrays don?t hurt people. People hurt people. 4. Missouri In a little town called Marceline, minors are allowed to buy wrapping paper and tobacco,?they are not allowed to buy lighters. Well, that should stop them!?Because there?s no other alternative, right? 5. The Netherlands In Australia, minors are prohibited from purchasing tobacco products, which makes sense.?However, if an adult buys it for them, they are free to smoke it wherever they please!