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Cigars and Golf: Tips to Fit in on the Golf Course

Cigars and golf go together like bread and butter, steak and potatoes. They are a perfect pairing during a competitive meeting on the course with some buddies, or during a lazy Sunday at the range. With anti-smoking laws prohibit many places to light up in public, the golf course is one of those rare places where it is okay to spark up and enjoy your favorite cigar. Golfing is already a great game to partake in, but with a cigar, it makes it even more enjoyable. Here a few tips to make sure your round of golf goes smoothly with your favorite stogie. oklahoma, city, memorial, southern, the south, southern state, us state, state, ok, okie, Bring more than one. If you?re a leisurely golfer, you probably only play golf on the weekends. This can be a bad thing especially when you planned your round based on the cigar you brought. My advice: Bring more than one cigar. You never know how long you are going to have to wait in between shots, especially when you are playing in a big group or just happened to play right behind a big group. If you bring more than one cigar, you have bought insurance in case this problem happens to you. Buy a cigar holder. Playing 18 holes takes some time. There are going to be points during the round where you want to set your cigar down, especially during your shot. Some players don?t care if they have a cigar in mouth during their shots, but some people find it as a distraction from their game. The solution? Buy yourself a cigar holder. You can get a cheap clip from Amazon for less than 3 dollars. Another benefit? Getting a cigar holder saves you from all the germs you would get from setting your cigar down at any spot on the course. Most players just set their cigar down on random places during their round, but this can be problematic, as you never know what germs exist from setting your stogie in a random place on the course. Bring Good ? Don?t bring your best. If you?re a cigar aficionado but not a regular golfer, make sure you don?t bring your best cigar on the course with you. If you happen to take your most expensive, highest quality blend, you are more likely to just focus on the cigar experience and not the reason you went to the links in the first place. Be sure to enjoy the game first and cigars second. A medium to mild smoke would be a perfect fit for long time spent on the fairway. These tips will help you improve your experience on the course, and maybe improve that pesky short game you have as well.