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Cigars are for Females

Since the feminist movement of the 1960s and 70s, women have come a long way. But it?s apparent that gender inequality still exists, and the race is far from over. Aside from the obvious economic and political gender deficits, what about the more subliminal biases? Still blue for boys? Pink for girls? And what about cigars? Why are cigars associated with men and masculinity? feminism girl smoking, cigar Cigars are for females. Don?t believe us? Check out this list of the some of Hollywood?s most influential women to see for yourself.


Worldwide superstar Rihanna, also known as RiRi, currently holds the record as the top-selling digital artist of all time. This should come as no surprise as her singles continue to top the charts; don?t deny that you?ve caught yourself singing ?Work? with an invisible mic in the shower. Rihanna?s fierce attitude and unapologetic manner in being herself makes her a true music icon. She wears what she wants, says what she wants, and even smokes what she wants. Rihanna has been seen smoking cigars, sometimes even topless! Needless to say, she always makes a statement with her presence.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez, or more commonly known as JLo, is more than just a triple threat. Yes, she sings, dances, and acts, but to add to that, she also designs, writes, and produces.

After 5 years of judging on American Idol, Lopez ?is now a judge on her new television series World of Dance. Lopez says that she sees herself as a dancer first and foremost and hopes that with her show, she can give other dancers an opportunity to do what they love while competing for a pretty amazing price?1 million dollars. And to add to her already impressive resume, tasteful cigar smoker is one that can?t be forgotten. Lopez has been photographed numerous times with a cigar in her mouth. Odds are?that it is a Padron, the most sought after cigar in the world made from the best Nicaraguan tobacco.

Demi Moore

Demi Moore dropped out of high school at 16 to pursue an acting career and it certainly paid off. In 1995, she was the highest-paid actress in film history, earning 12.5 million dollars for Striptease. Also known as a cigar aficionado, she was inspired by her first husband Bruce Willis, and wanted to find out what was so appealing about cigars. Then, she found out for herself. Her first cigar was a large, strong Montecristo, but since then has started a romance with smaller ones. She keeps all kinds of cigars in her trailer?ones for her and ones available for guests. In a Cigar Aficionado interview, she said a cigar is much like a fine wine. There?s something about it that makes a situation celebratory and there?s ?a quality, a workmanship, a passion that goes into the making of a fine cigar.?

Carmen Electra

Most well known by her stage name, Carmen Electra, this glamour model, actress, television personality, singer, and dancer actually made her big breakthrough when Prince produced her debut record. Since, she has appeared in many horror comedies including American Vampire, Scary Movie, and Meet the Spartans. Her experience proves very eclectic with modelling for Playboy magazine and dancing with the Pussycat Dolls. Although she has stopped smoking now, she said, ?When I first got into cigars, it was more or less the look that I liked. I thought that a man looked really sexy holding a cigar and that a woman looked even sexier. It's kind of cool to see a woman with a big cigar.? -Smoke Magazine, Winter '97 Men, you better watch out, females may look better than you with a hip, customized cigar from Custom Tobacco in their mouths.