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Cigars in the Movies

Cigars are often associated with celebrities and movie glamor. ?The inclusion of cigars can contribute various tones a film wants to set. ?Since cigars have long been associated with sophistication and class, many films feature cigars to add an eliteness to a character's persona. In this case, the cigar would represent a character's high status in their social circle, such as a politician or a mafia Don smoking. ?In comedies, a cigar would likely be introduced in a slapstick manner, as portrayed by characters like Charlie Chaplin or The Three?Stooges. ?Comedies?may also use cigars, however, to mock the aforementioned sophisticated image associated with cigars, and make them seem snobbish. Seeing a cigar in a movie adds to its allure, so grab grab some friends and catch a flick and enjoy some cigars while you recap the movie. ?Regardless of its portrayal, the best part about smoking cigars is bringing good people together to celebrate good times. cigars, cugar, cuba