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Coffee Pairings: Because We All Need to Be More Caffeinated

Coffee is nature's gift to mankind. If you're like me, you think it's the greatest product in the world. In fact, a recent study from the Wellness Health Organization revealed that regular coffee consumption can actually prevent specific cancers. However, if it's TOO hot (above 160 degrees Fahrenheit) it can cause esophageal cancer. That's okay because cold brews are better, anyway. coffee, beans, mug, pairings, caffeine, caffeinated, drink more coffee, i love coffeeBut what do you do when drinking coffee? There are many flavors that accentuate and improve coffee. Moreover, there are definitely things that coffee breath will ruin. The key is to balance coffee's acidity with other smooth flavors to create a delicious pairing. The following list shows key pairings that complement each other to truly enhance the coffee-drinking experience.  

coffee, chocolate croissant, chocolate, croissant, coffee pairings, drink more coffee, i love coffee, aestheticPain au Chocolat and Peet's Arabia Mocha Java

The classic French pastry (which is basically a chocolate croissant) is the ideal companion to a cup of Peet's Mocha Java. Both have strong chocolate elements but the pastry's sweetness will undercut the drink's acidity. With a flaky, buttery crust and chocolatey center, your taste buds will rejoice at this flavor combination. I suggest heating the pain au chocolat up for a melted chocolate center.

Almond Biscotti and Augie's Coffee El Salvador La Ellie?coffee, biscuit, italian cookie, cookie, italian, coffee, coffee pairings, dip in coffee, coffee dipping, pairing, pair

The Italian cookie made especially for dipping in coffee is perfect for Augie's El Salvador blend. The blend contains notes of cherry, chocolate, and molasses which will heighten the flavors from the almond biscotti. Biscotti is often very hard but absorbs the liquid from coffee to soften into a melt-on-your-tongue bite. If you've never had the pair before, you will be pleasantly surprised from the flavor explosion.

cigar, custom tobacco, coffee, coffee pairings, cigar pairings, pairings, pairs, steam, smoke, chocolate, hotBriarmont Classic Maduro and Starbucks Pike Place Roast

Any cigar aficionado can tell you that a morning smoke is a magical way to start the day. This cigar from Custom Tobacco is a medium-strength stogie with heavy notes of chocolate, coffee, and nuttiness. Its hint of spice will wash down well with a sip of the medium roast blend.

Sweet Crepes and?Trader Joe's Cold?Brew Concentrate


crepe, crepes, coffee, coffee pairings, pair, pairings, ice cream, cream, cold brew, cold, dessert, sweet

Cold brew is the best millennial trend. There is nothing better on a hot day then a sip of iced cold brew to kickstart your brain. Cold brews pair well with a sweet crepe for true summer vibes. Trader Joe's makes an amazing cold brew concentrate that you just add water or milk to. Its rich flavor will complement any sweet crepe of your choosing. Pro tip: the concentrate also makes really good smoothies and milk shakes to really amplify summer.

donut, coffee, coffee pairings, coffees, pair, pairing, doughnut, glazed donut, glazed, black coffee, french roast, glaze, sugar, bitterGlazed Donut and Wide Awake Coffee Co. French Roast

  It's a classic for a reason. The sweet, buttery deliciousness of a glazed donut will be perfectly offset by a cup of French Roast. French roast is a classic, dark blend that will give a kick to your morning (or evening, we don't judge). It's bitterness perfectly cuts the sugar from the donut, blending together on your tongue to create the perfect flavor combination.