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Date Night For The Romantic Lovers: Lovers And Cigars Pt. 1

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Date Night

Every serious couple needs a date night. A weekly or biweekly date night will allow a couple to catch up, talk through new ideas together, and connect on a level that is necessary for all relationships. You're probably in a hurry to put together a romantic date night for that special lady in your life. ? Read this short article and then show your lady a good night.

Little Wing

There are a lot of different lovers out there. You're reading this article from Custom Tobacco, so you're obviously a lover who thinks outside the box. When it comes to date night, you could take your woman out to a fancy restaurant or you can get creative. Here's what you do. Pack a nice dinner and take your woman out on a picnic. Take her to the beach or the lake and have a nice picnic dinner. Talk to her, and more importantly, listen to her. After that, take her home where you've prepared dessert. The finest red wine, some chocolates, some cigars, and Jimi Hendrix's LP?Axis: Bold As Love.? Buy a nice set of customized cigars from Custom Tobacco at with the phrase "Date Night" on them. A chocolate Churchill cigar would be best for a date night like this.?Play?Little Wing? while you smoke with your lady and the night surely won't end there.

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Stairway To Heaven

You smoke cigars. Because you smoke cigars, you are a refined individual. You can show your lady a boring night, but is that really you? Spend a little extra money on your woman and show her that you appreciate her. There is nothing wrong with a throwback-type date night. Take her to a nice restaurant. Wine and dine her until she is full. Afterwards, either talk at the table, or walk around. It's important to connect with her. Don't forget, as busy as you both may be, you still need to make time for each other. After your date, take her back home where you have already laid out a nice rug (shag is optional), with more wine, chocolate covered strawberries,?Stairway To Heaven?by The O'Jays, her favorite cigars. For this date night, you need the house blend. You'll get a full, long lasting cigar with a nice flavor that she will love. date, date night, romance, romantic, love, wine, dine, dinner, O'Jays, music, custom, customize, customized, tobacco, cigar, cigars

So Amazing

I know you're in a hurry to plan your night. Finally, the ultimate date night. If you play?So Amazing, or any song, by Luther Vandross, then you won't have to do anything else. Luther Vandross was a force to be reckoned with. He could put any woman in the mood for love. But you don't want to just skip right to dessert, right? You want to show your woman a good time, right? Send a bouquet of her favorite flowers to her job. She'll be beaming all day so much that she won't be mad when you can't reply to her text. Don't call her either. Leave work early if you have to a cook her a nice dinner. Light some candles, put some champagne on ice, and wait for her. Leave a trail of rose pedals from the door to her chair at the dinner table. Leave a vase with water in it near the center of the table. She'll get the hint that you want her to put the flowers in the vase. She'll see your effort and then melt. Have Luther Vadross' love songs playing in the back and the night will be almost perfect. After dinner, offer your wife a cigar with the Briarmont Limited blend from Custom Tobacco. It's the most expensive blend that Custom Tobacco has to offer. You'll both be able to tell the difference, and she will fall deeper in love with you.

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End Of The Night

Date night is not something to be taken lightly. Effort means everything to the person you love. Show her you care with the right dinner, the right atmosphere, the right music, and of course the right cigar. By the end of the night she'll be all over you. And, we all know the end of the night is when the fun begins.