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How To Do Right By Your Boyfriend

Sweet aromas reminisce the smell of his grandfather, his man cave, and all that?is classy to him. It is your significant other?s birthday, and you're haunted by last year when you were gorged with disappointment and shame from the look of disappointment for another failed gift given. However, this year is different, because you have bestowed upon him a gift he is?proud to advertise: a customized cigar. The thought you inlaid in the cigar by?picking out the leaves, his favorite dessert you considered when picking out the?flavor, and the color of his favorite sports team when you chose which ribbon to?wrap it in surpass every tie, surprise party, or designer dress shirt you have given?him in the past. You know firsthand how tiresome his work becomes, how stressed he is when he returns home?from his meetings, and how taut his shoulder muscles are by the time Friday rolls?around. You afford him a gift that replenishes all the sweat and tears sucked out of?him during the week in this one gift. Your partner values his alone time with you but occasionally seeks out communal?events, and you welcome that. A customized cigar is a favor he is sure to want to?show off. If he chooses to share it with his friends, he feels no guilt for you, because?you both know he is bragging of your gifting skill. As a classy but informal experience, this is more than a birthday present: This is an?annual reminder of how well you know him, how clearly you get his needs, and how?rich your care for his happiness is.