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How to be a Mob Boss

Maybe you?ve seen The Godfather and The Sopranos one too many times, but you?ve decide, you?re finally going to do it ? you?re going to become a mob boss. Now of course, becoming a mob boss isn?t easy; it?s going to be a journey. People don?t call them the boss for nothing. If you really want to instill fear in the throngs of people under your rule, you need to know how to wield that kind of power. You need to have a presence so menacing that people can?t help but respect you. First impressions can be important, so your appearance needs to be imposing. You need to look like you own the city. To get started on this journey, here are a few tips.
  1. Wear a well-fitted pinstripe suit.
As a mafia boss, you want to look sleek and elegant. You?re rolling in cash from mafia business ventures, so you need to look like the epitome of luxury. A pinstripe suit should be your go-to outfit everyday. Don?t forget the matching tie. suit, pinstripe suit, tie
  1. Smoke a cigar.
Another status symbol that screams luxury is a cigar. As a mob boss, you should indulge in the finer things in life. Why settle for mediocre when you can buy customized cigars from Custom Tobacco? You have the power of choice; you can choose the blend, the wrapper, and the size. You can even design the cigar band to match your snappy pinstripe suit.
  1. Wear a fedora.
To complete the look, add a nice fedora to your pinstripe suit. A fedora will only add to the classiness and it?ll keep the sun out of your eyes. It?s pretty and practical. hat, fedora
  1. Wear a ring.
If you really want to channel The Godfather, look for a nice big ring. Not only does this add to the luxurious feel of your appearance, but you can have people kiss it as they greet you.