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How to Blow Smoke Rings

Have you ever seen those suave smokers that casually exhale smoke rings out of their mouths? Have you ever wanted to learn how to do it? Have you ever wanted to be one-of-those smooth smokers, impressing everyone around them? Well, now you can! I?ll teach you how to do it. 1. The first item you need is smoke. But not just any smoke. The thicker and denser the smoke, the better. Custom tobacco cigars are ideal for these smoke rings because they are made with thick leaves, which create heavy smoke when burned. 2. Find a place with no breeze. If you?re attempting to blow smoke rings outdoors or next to a fan, forget it. It?s not going to work. You need to find a quiet, enclosed place where you can practice making perfect rings. Your ring will break if there is any sort of wind. 3. Now, let?s focus on the mouth shape. You lips must make an ?O? shape. Make sure your lips are tight and locked into this formation. They should not move through the whole process. Remember, this is a strong ?O? shape. You are not puckering your mouth like a kiss. 4. Maintaining the ?O? shape, pull your tongue all the way to the back of your mouth. Now, shoot your tongue forward, forcing the smoke in your mouth out through your ?O? shaped lips. You are not actually ?exhaling? smoke rings, but rather pushing them out with your tongue. Think of it like a gun, with tongue as the shooter and the smoke as the bullet. Voil?, a smoke ring! With these four simple steps, you will be on your way to puffing luxury custom tobacco and blowing rings in no time. But remember, it?s more than likely you won?t achieve perfect rings at the start. It takes practice. Keep practicing and you will impress all your friends soon enough! cigar, cigars, aesthetic, pretty, pretty cigars, aesthetic cigars, smoking, smoking culture, smoke