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How to Choose the Best Cigar

When you?re looking to buy a cigar, you?re going to want to look for a really good one. However, this is pretty subjective. Everyone has a different taste for quality, and there are so many different types of cigars. One does not simply purchase an amateur cigar; that?s just embarrassing. Let me fill you in on some cigar basics and you can choose which one would fit you best. Cheers.
  • First, you must choose the body type. From mild or medium to full, the overall strength of the cigar should be tasty while not overwhelming on your palate. It?s really your choice.
  • Next, the size. The size of your cigar has some effect on the flavor, but should be factored in from a time standpoint more than anything. For example, a cigar for a round of golf can be up to 9 inches long! This is so you can puff on the thing for hours on end and really enjoy yourself.
  • Lastly, the rating of the cigar must be taken into consideration. Any rating from 95-100 is considered a timeless classic. 90-94 is outstanding. 80-89 is very good, and anything under that simply don?t waste your time. You want to treat yourself well, so don?t be a scrub.
There you have it. Go get yourself the cigar of your liking, and enjoy yourself to the fullest. cigars, cugar, cuba