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Jack Nicholson

When you think about Jack Nicholson, the famous movie line ?all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy? comes to your mind. Nicholson is a famous American actor known for his role in the film The Shining. In addition to this film, he has starred in Batman and much more. The now 80 year old has been performing for over 60 years in the industry and continues to do so. He is notorious for his womanizing years and his ability to enjoy life to the fullest. Nicholson is a cigar aficionado and a lover of beer. The man has a rich history and continues to enjoy his life. Jack Nicholson is an actor, director, producer and screenwriter. He was born in April in Neptune City, New Jersey. His mother, June, had Nicholson when she was very young. She wasn't ready to raise a child, so her parents decided to raise her son. The interesting thing is that June acted as Nicholson?s sister. The family relations were complex, as Nicholson never knew his biological father and spent years thinking that his actual mother was his sister. He never found out that she was really his mother until he was an adult. Learning all of this information was dramatic but only added to his interesting background and ability to take on such complex roles. Nicholson was the class clown of his high school and after school, joined the military. ?He worked in Air National Guard in 1957. He was discharged before enlisted. Fortunately, Nicholson was able to avoid getting drafted by joining the National Guard. Around the age of 17, Nicholson came to Hollywood and worked for animators in the MGM cartoon studio. Instead of working as an animator, Nicholson pursued his dream of becoming an actor. He received training in a group called the Players Ring Theater. Thereafter, he played in a few films. His most important film was the teen drama called The Cry Baby Killer. The film helped him jump start his career. He acted in several low budget films until the 1960s in which he started working as a writer/director. His film The Trip was successful. He wrote the script which was supposedly very impressive. In the 1970s, Nicholson?s acting career kick started and he starred in various successful films. He was even nominated for Academy Awards. After the film Five Easy Pieces, he became the big new thing. His career continued to grow and from then on, he was the leading male actor. Jack Nicholson is known for being a womanizer. In an interview with closer he stated that ?I have had everything a man could ask for, but no one could say I?m successful with affairs of the heart.? Ever since his years of womanizing, he now leads a simpler life in which he travels and enjoys the good things. One of his favorite things is smoking a good cigar. He picked up the activity later in his life but is now a Cigar Aficionado. In the 1990s, Nicholson started smoking cigars to replace his avid cigarette smoking. He started to smoke cigars in one of his acting roles and thereafter, it became an easy addition to his life. Nicholson found that smoking cigars helped calm his nerves and relax him. He would implement cigar smoking to help calm the nerves for the rest of his life. Nicholson is known to enjoy Cuban cigars and hopes that the embargo will be lifted. He is against smuggling them in, but hopes that it will become legal and he can enjoy his favorite cigars once again. If you are just like Jack Nicholson, and look to enjoy the finer things in life and calm your nerves every once in a while, smoking a good cigar might be just the thing. Custom Tobacco offers high quality cigars that are sure to impress even a Cigar Aficionado. In addition to our unique cigars, you can customize the cigar bands for any occasion. Picture this, you and some of your friends decide to throw it back with an old Nicholson classic like the Shining. For this event, you could buy some good beer and some cigars to celebrate. Imagine customizing the bands specifically for this occasion. Custom Tobacco offers the best blends that are sure to give you a quality smoke. custom tobacco, cigar