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How to Maximize Your Surfing Experience

The Surf

If surfing is something that doesn't garner your interest at first glance, I highly suggest you stop reading this article. If surfing is something that activates 95% to 100% of your endorphins by watching videos, reading articles, and also getting barreled (or attempting to) in waves, keep your eyeballs shifting left to right. Surfing is something that broadens your horizons and helps shape a new perspective on life. Custom Tobacco The nature of the waves allows for the human mind and body to develop a unique and eccentric connectivity with the world. Even with its unforgiving nature, the ocean embodies various special qualities that help surfing be one of the most peaceful activities mankind has even been able to be a part of. Next time you grab your 10-foot longboard, or 6-foot shortboard when the swell is charging check out a few things you can do to make surfing even more enlightening than it already is.

The Three Fins to Making Surfing Better

Thruster Fin 1 :?Wax the heck out of that fiberglass

Wax may hands down be the most important thing that you can add to your board in order to help you surf better. Back in the old days, when surfing was still in its fetal stages, surfers (also known as "wave-riders" back in the day) would melt candle wax in a cold environment, and then after a little while it would harden, thus allowing for a more firm grip on the board. If there is no wax on your board, your anger levels will reach new heights because you'll have virtually no chance to stand up on the board unless you're Kelly Slater. The two most popular wax brands are Mr. Zogs Sex Wax and Sticky Bumps. You will see these two wax boxes at any surf shop from California to Australia. Mr. Zogs is wax shaped like a hockey puck, and sticky Bumps are two sticks that are broken apart like Kit-Kats. Next time you go for a rip don't forget your wax!

Thruster Fin 2 : ?Wear a rash guard

Yes, as a surfer you want to show off your washboard abs, bulging biceps, and perfectly shaped behind, but after a few hours of ripping it up in the water your chest is going to be itching like a new scab covered in poison ivy. Rash guards do two great things for you. First off, they protect you from the strong rays of the sun. Most rash guards have a minimum of 50 SPF, plenty good for your back, which is directly facing the sun most of the time while you're not pearling headfirst in the waves. Rash guards can also be extremely stylish. Companies such as Patagonia, and Rip Curl have an awesome selection that feature a vast array of styles. The second thing that rash guards do for you is that they make sure your chest doesn't get ripped up from rubbing all over the waxy fiberglass board. Surfing is 90% paddling, which means you chest is going to be rubbing against the bored a ton, and with the addition of a rash guard your chest will be feeling mighty fine after a long day in the surf. custom tobacco, surfing, ocean, waves

Big Fin : Bring a few Cigars?

After a long day in the waves with your pals, or on your lonesome nothing is more relaxing than lighting up a cigar of your choice. Cigars have an aura that screams relaxation and happiness, and that is what surfing is all about. A great way to choose the exact type of cigar that fulfills your needs is to customize the band, wrapper, and tobacco. Custom Tobacco is the perfect place to do that. They allow you to design all three things mentioned in the later. Cigars go hand and hand with the waves, and you would be quite a bit silly to not bring a few with you to the beach. cigars, custom tobacco, custom cigar, custom cigars, personal cigar, cigar gift, beautiful cigars, aesthetic cigars, cigars, double wrap, habano, reserve, briarmont