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Outdoor Activities for When It's Cold Af

Some people look forward to cozying under blankets on the couch during the winter months but for those who enjoy the great outdoors, the winter months can be a pain. Here are some tips to keep the outdoorsy people satisfied.  


Go for a light run or jog around your neighborhood or do an outdoor workout. Exercising outside rather than in a gym will enhance your workout more than you initially realize. Rather than inhaling sweaty fumes, you will inhale fresh crisp air.The air quality will make it easier to breathe during cardio; making your workout even more effective. You will come to appreciate the clouds compared to the sun when you begin to break a sweat. You may even find that you?re able to complete longer workouts because you will be less drained from the sun. Take advantage of the days when the weather is not overwhelmingly hot and humid to improve your physical health.  

Smoke a cigar:

If you?d rather relax and unwind on a cold winter day you can enjoy a premium cigar instead. ?This outdoor activity is perfect for the patio or the balcony. You will be covered from rain or snow but you will be able to relish in nature's beauty. Whether you are on winter vacation, celebrating the holidays, spending time with friends and family, or you simply want to destress after a long day at work, this activity can suit almost everyone. Fortunately, you can customize your cigar from Custom Tobacco to fit the occasion and your mood. ?

Have a bonfire:

Get the squad together and have a bonfire. If you have a fire pit of your own you can do this activity in your backyard. If you don?t have a fire pit and are the in the Los Angeles area don?t fret. You can have a bonfire at one of the following beaches that have fire pits: ?Point Mugu State Beach, Leo Carrillo State Park, Dockweiler Beach, Recreation Park, Cabrillo Beach, Colorado Lagoon, and Bolsa Chica State Beach. Grab a pack of hotdogs a pack of Coca-Cola, a pack of marshmallows, Hershey?s chocolate and graham crackers then gather around the fire for a night of fun. The fire will keep you warm and you can bring blankets to wrap yourselves. Telling scary stories and playing games can add a layer of fun as well.

Go to an amusement park:

Amusement parks are a great outdoor activity for the outdoorsy family. People typically think of visiting amusement parks during the summer months. However who wants to walk miles around an amusement park and wait in hour-long lines when it is 100+ degrees outside? Save your park passes for the cold days. Six-Flags Magic Mountain, Knott?s Berry Farm, Legoland, Disneyland/ Disney California Adventure Park, and Universal Studios are all open year around. ?These parks will be less crowded which means lines will be much shorter and you will be able to ride your favorite rides multiple times.   Be Innovative. You don?t have to turn into a couch potato when the leaves start to fall. Come up with new activities to embrace the outdoors with your friends and family. Create your own games and traditions for the winter and you?ll always have a go to outdoor activity when it gets cold.