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The Perfect Day As A Veloz Group Intern

The Perfect Beginning

Imagine the perfect day. You wake up a few minutes before you first alarm, but you're not angry because you're well rested for the first time in a long time. The sun just begins to seem through the window, shining down on you. The birds sing and everything just feels right. You even wake up with a smile on your face. You jump out of bed and start brewing a pot of coffee. As the water in the coffee maker begins to boil, you thumb through your impressive collection of .33s and pull out a classic?Staples Singers?album out of the blue milk crate you stole from the dumpster of a restaurant when you were 15. After the needle begins skimming between the grooves of the vinyl, that classic 1970s guitar cues the most feel-good song. Something about the song?Do It Again?just makes you feel happy, and that's alright.? While the music fills your small apartment, you jump in the shower. And, as you clean yourself, you can't help but sing along with Mavis Staples and dance like all of those hip cats that you've seen on?Soul Train?reruns. It's ok to act silly every now and then. Once you step out of the shower, the sweet smell of bitter black coffee hits you. You inhale the beautiful scent anticipating that first, hot sip. As if the morning couldn't get more perfect, you realize that you already ironed your clothes the night before. And, although this is the perfect morning so far, there is so much time left before you have to leave for your internship. So, now what? Eat your breakfast, drink your coffee, turn the music down, open your laptop and start writing. Wait for 9:00 a.m., grab your computer, and hit the road.

The Perfect Commute

This is where the day takes a turn for the worse. Now you have to battle traffic and deal with all of those terrible drivers. But, it doesn't have to be that bad. Light the cigar you got from your supervisors at Custom Tobacco, let your phone connect to your car's Bluetooth and play your favorite playlist. The first song that plays is?Be Alright?by?Zapp.?You really can't help but bob your head to this tune, right? As soon as that song ends, then you hear?Good Day?by Greg Street featuring Nappy Roots. All of that terrible L.A. traffic just doesn't seem that bad anymore.?An hour and a half, one Churchill cigar, and a feel-good playlist later, you arrive at your destination. custom tobacco, beverly hills chairs, veloz group, intern, interns, internship, cigar, cigars, herman miller, chair, chairs, perfect, day, perfection, traffic, commute, commuting

The Perfect Middle

Finding parking was relatively easy. A random car was just pulling away from a spot as soon as you?turned down the street, so your hurried up and swooped in. Perfect! As you walk up to Westwood Boulevard, you notice a black Rolls Royce Coupe drive past you. You have to pause and mention to yourself that that car is your dream car. Finally, you make it to the office. You flash your award-winning smile and say hello to everyone. You immediately get started on your work. After all of the interns finally file in, you await feedback from your supervisor about the work you completed last week. There are no complaints. Your work was good. As you work real hard on your articles for the week, you find it difficult to concentrate. Why? It hits you. You need something to help you focus better. But, what? Then you realize that?Rogue One?is on Netflix. What a great way to stay focused. You start to flow, but then you get distracted. Your back cramps up on you. After your back pain works your nerves one too many times, you get up from your chair and notice that you're sitting in a basic kitchen table chair. That's not conducive to your productivity. Scanning the room, you notice an empty Herman Miller Aeron Chair. Obviously, you'd find a great office chair, you write for?Beverly Hills Chairs. A sigh of relief escapes your mouth once you sit down on that pellicle mesh, and when you lean back on that fully adjustable back. The only thing more comfortable than this chair is a cloud. Feeling rejuvenated after dumping that old kitchen table chair, you begin working and before you know it, you've written a few articles.

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The Perfect End

With only about an hour left in your final work day, your supervisors call you for an exit interview. It's your last day of work and you have no complaints. After the exit interview is complete, they hand you and your fellow writing interns another cigar. You cut the butt and you light up with your good friend out on the penthouse balcony, looking out at Westwood. You give your friend lift back to his house and then make your way to the freeway. Another day, another dollar. One more hour and a half to two-hour commute, one more Churchill cigar, and another run through of your playlist. As you drive,?you start to miss all of the ergonomic chairs that Beverly Hills Chairs has to offer. Your driver seat?just isn't as comfortable. Bad drivers cut you off. They attempt to race with you, but you don't care. You're vibing out to your favorite jams and reflecting on the good day you had. It might have been the last day, but it?really?was the perfect day as a Veloz Group intern.