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Smoke Like a Pro: How to Properly Relight Your Cigar

Ever wonder what happens when your cigar goes out? Well, if it?s extinguished for too long, the oils that make your tobacco flavorful will dry up. If you have a finely made cigar, one that wasn?t subjected to over-humidification or exposure to excessive dryness at the manufacturer, it might still retain some of its oils even after extinguishing. If it?s a cheap cigar, what remains of it will be kaput--dried out and flavorless. Either scenario will take away from what?s supposed to be a relaxing and pleasurable experience. To avoid drying out your cigar, you?ll need to reignite it within an hour of it going out. Here are a few easy steps for saving your cigar if it ever goes out. cigar, cigars, aesthetic, pretty, pretty cigars, aesthetic cigars, smoking, smoking culture, smoke 1. Properly Remove Cigar Ash Before relighting your cigar, you?ll need to remove excess ash from the foot. That way it?ll light properly. Lightly tap your cigar on an ashtray and watch the ashes fall away. Not too hard, but not too soft. After ashing, you want the soon-to-be lit end of the cigar to be black and brown rather than gray. 2. Toast Cigar Now that your cigar foot is clear, it?s time to toast it. A good toasting can get the ash going nicely for an even burn throughout your smoke. Ignite your lighter, or light a match, and hold the charred tip of your cigar about an inch from the fire. Move it closer if you don?t see any charring. As you toast the foot, twist the cigar for a balanced burn. 3. Relighting Cigar Now that your cigar is toasted, it?s time to light up. This will be similar to the first time you lit it, but you?ll want to go easy when you puff on it this time around. Lighting the cigar more slowly will allow it to readjust after burning out. If you appreciate our tips on cigar smoking, you?ll love our custom cigars! You can pick out the shape, size, blend and even label that suits your needs!