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Sexy Throwback Songs and the Cigars That Matc

Nothing screams sexy like an early 2000s song. It was the rage then and every time you get a little tequila flowing through you, you can't resist that throwback playlist. Lately, you have been holding back on the liquor and prefer to relax on your balcony, looking off into the distance, with a cigar in hand. Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home):
  • Usher's voice echos throughout your room. You imagine his sexy gaze. With a puff of smoke leaving your lips, you sing along and say "So all my ladies say hey hey hey daddy." It might be the sexiest throwback yet. Therefore, this riveting song is only deserving of the Briarmont Classic Maduro. A classic cigar for a classy Usher hit. The blend is spicy without being too overhwhelming. Like singing along to this song. The lyrics aren't too difficult, but they hit the spot like no other. Not even Justin Bieber could fill your heart with the warmth and love like a nice Usher song and a puff of a Briarmont Classic Maduro.cigars, cigar bands, cigar blends, custom, customize, custom tobacco
Sexy Can I:
  • "All we wanna know is," what's going through your head when your fingers touch a Briarmont Classic Double Wrap. Is your heart beating fast? Have you ever seen a more sexy cigar before? Doubtful. It is the perfect smoke and deserving of this Ray J song. It is revolutinary, just like the early 2000s. The complex, creamy flavor hits the spot. One puff, you take a break. Then you say "then we chill for a second, then were back at it for more."
  • They might have played it over and over again on the radio. To this day, Young Money's powerful lyrics storm through your head like a Briarmont Classic Connecticut. To this day forward, this song and cigar would be the base of your passion and true desire to enjoy the classics. Perhaps, smoking such a cigar and listeing to such a classy song is similar to a night in Portofino and a glass of smooth wine.rose wine, rose, rose all day, rose wine pairing, wine pairing, white zinfandel
Ignition (Remix):
  • Did you say Ignition? Cuz "I'm not tryin' to be rude, But hey pretty girl I'm feelin' you." This is what you will say when you see a Briarmont Limited. The thick and dark wrappers offer you a sweet, beautiful smoke. You sit on your patio listening to R Kelley and think damn, this is the best thing that happened this week. Sweet vanilla and dark cocoa bean hit the spot. You smoke it and "got every man in here wishin'."
  • It's a classic without the classy. It is the best of the best. Ginuwine says, "you gotta be compatible." Custom Tobacco says, you were made for a Briarmont Reverse Habano. Smooth, creamy and a kick. You respond "the things I will do to you." "Every single portion" of that cigar will enrich your life with a smoke made for a true connoisseur.
  Oh yes, nothing is sexier than a cigar and a throwback jam. So when you're not cracking a cold one with the boys, pull out your Custom Tobacco cigar and turn on some Usher.