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Size Matters: Choosing the Right Cigar for You

When choosing your cigar, size certainly matters, but bigger isn't always necessarily better. Just as you specify your blend and wrapper to choose what best suits you, the size of the cigar you choose will impact your smoking experience.

One of the most common?misconceptions about smoking is that the size of the person should dictate and match?the size of the cigar. That is, as the myth goes, a bigger man should smoke a Churchill or a Double Toro, while a smaller man should stick to?a Robusto. Similar, according to this misconception,?a woman should smoke a Robusto or Petit Corona. These myths tend to discourage new smokers from trying new things. There?s no reason to stay confined to these stereotypes, as branching out will not only expose you to new options , but may also introduce you to a better option.

Therefore, if you're a rookie smoker, try different sizes ? just as you tried different shapes, blends, and wrappers before you committed to one?? and see what you like. You have to feel comfortable holding the cigar in your hands and you have to like how it fits and feels in your mouth when smoking. If the formula doesn?t create the correct outcome, you might want to try something else.? And if you are an experienced smoker, one who already considers himself an aficionado, don?t be afraid to think outside the box? or the cigar box. Try something new, you might just like it!