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Cigar Etiquette and Sleep: Indulge for a More Restful Evening

With all the negativity surrounding smoking, you?d expect to find yet another article touting how smoke negatively affects your sleep. However, most negative perceptions about smoking are focused on cigarettes and their many dangers. Rarely are cigars even commented on, and for very good reason- since cigars are meant to be enjoyed, not flouted, nor abused. Cigar Indulging A fine cigar is pricy for a reason: it isn?t supposed to be smoked quickly or as a habit. Rather, cigars are meant to be savored and respected. It isn?t supposed to be used to get your nicotine fix, or even inhaled for that matter. The smoke from a cigar is infused with the creators blends, and a true gentleman relaxes and takes in with all his senses the quality of the cigar he is holding. A fine cigar should smell and taste earthy; a bit like fruits and wood, or like the soils the tobacco was grown in. Every crop will taste somewhat different, and so every experience should be somewhat unique. This means you don?t rush the experience unless you want to waste the art of the product. The process of looking over and choosing your cigar, feeling the oils upon the paper, smelling it, and turning it gently while you light it and look over the ash is very methodical and calming. It isn?t something you do while driving from one place to another like you would with a cigarette, or puff upon hurriedly before walking into a meeting. Instead you are going to wait until you have the time to appreciate the entire process, either while in good company at the end of an enjoyable day, or in private while you contemplate your own musings. This all translates into a period of finalization. You talk with friends over a good cigar about future plans, sit back and read a good book, or come up with business with like minded individuals. This is the perfect way to unwind, and if enjoyed at the end of the day, a habit to indulge in before heading off to bed. Combined with a perfect sleep environment, you should be able drop off to sleep after clearing your mind of the problem solving of the day and relaxing within the comforting habits of a nighttime smoke. cigar, sleep, etiquette, custom tobacco, smoke Sleep Environment Make sure your sleep environment matches your mental state by applying some tried and true techniques to the entire wind down process. Be sure to create comfort. If you wake with aches and pains, and feeling unrested despite knowing you went to bed in a restful state of mind, consider your mattress. If you aren?t sure where to start, great sites, like The Sleep Judge, exist to help guide you towards your needs and wants through dozens of unbiased online reviews. Old, or improper, mattresses are a leading cause of a poor night?s sleep no matter how prepared you were in going to bed. Old mattresses break down over time and become less supportive, and mattresses with improper surfaces can cause nighttime discomfort and tossing and turning. Consider your sleep position in comparison to your mattress comfort level. Side sleepers need a softer surface to help align their spine, but back and stomach sleepers need something more firm. Turn off your tv, computers, tablets, and phone screens while you relax to avoid the stimulation of blue light upon your brain. It mimics daylight and can inhibit the natural hormone melatonin that is released to help up fall asleep as daylight wans. Besides, the mental stimulation of such objects also rouses us to wakefulness, and can easily interrupt your full enjoyment of the evening?s smoke. Your bedroom should be reserved for sleep and sex only. Don?t enjoy your cigar in here as lingering smoke may be associated with your time spent thinking while indulging in your nighttime ritual. Rather, after smoking ready yourself for bed and enjoy your room for what it is meant to be used as. The Bottom Line If you?ve ever wondered the effect of cigars upon your sleep, the rest assured it can, and should be a part of your evening habits if you already indulge. If you are new to cigars, or the effects of nicotine, it may take some getting used to. Always consider how introducing new rituals into your lifestyle can affect you and your health in the long run.