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Smoke Like a Pro: Common Mistakes Cigar Smokers Make

Smoking a cigar is one of life?s little pleasures. And like anything pleasurable, the better it?s done, the better it feels--and the more you want to do it. But there are plenty of mistakes to be made along the way. Here are some cigar smoking tips for having an amazing experience every time. tobacco, rose, tobacco rose, cigar, cigar origin, cigar rose, tobacco leaves, roses, cigars, cigars and tobacco, cigar culture, tobacco culture Biting your cigar Holding a cigar in your mouth might look cool, but it?s not the best way to enjoy your smoke. Not only does it get your cigar wet, the constant puffing makes the cigar foot burn hotter so you end up wasting that precious blended tobacco. Instead, you can keep your cigar in your hand in between smoking. Smoking the same kind of cigar every time Life is an open humidor. With plenty of cigar shapes, sizes, and tobacco blends out there, you shouldn?t limit yourself to a particular kind. Enjoy the magnitude of a big Churchill cigar. Keep it light with a petit corona. Or choose a custom cigar that fits the occasion. Inhaling Cigars and cigarettes may have similarities. But they?re certainly not the same thing. Cigar tobacco can be much stronger, and the smoke is much heavier. That makes inhaling an easy way to get ?cigar sickness? or just plain cough up a lung. For a pleasant cigar smoking experience, simply puff the cigar, let the smoke sit in your mouth for a moment, then blow it out. Not pacing yourself Smoking too fast can make you feel sick. And smoking too slow can be a waste of fine tobacco. That?s why it?s important to get the pacing right. Take our cigar advice: Enjoy a puff every 30 seconds to a minute. And remember to rotate your cigar in between tokes. That way it burns evenly. Blowtorching your foot No, not your foot. The foot of your cigar, which is the end that you light. Flamethrowing the foot will give you an uneven burn. Unless you like a lopsided cigar, you need only lightly char the foot. Ready to try out your new cigar skills? Create a custom cigar based on your shape, size, and blend preference, and start lighting up.