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Smoking Music! 5 Songs About Cigars!

There?s a musical quality to the bouquet of a cigar drifting around the room. In fact, music is a great way to compliment a fine cigar. Here are the top 5 greatest cigar songs to smoke to. cigar, cigars, aesthetic, pretty, pretty cigars, aesthetic cigars, smoking, smoking culture, smoke 1. Brad Paisley - ?The Cigar Song? What if there were a loophole to getting fine cuban cigars for free? This little ditty is called ?The Cigar Song.? And it?s about a man who smokes the system. First the narrator takes out an insurance claim on a box of 24 cuban cigars. Then smokes them up one by one for the insurance money! Soon after collecting a fat check and buying a new box of cubans, he?s arrested. The charge? 24 counts of arson. Maybe he?ll settle for a fine Dominican or Nicaraguan cigar next time. 2. Pink Floyd - ?Have a Cigar? No artist explored cigars as a symbol of power deeper than Pink Floyd. This blues-rock classic off 1975?s Wish You Here may be a scathing indictment on selling out in the music business, but it?s also groovy enough to relax to while you smoke. Sit back with a maduro cigar and take a trip to the dark side of the moon! 3. Herman?s Hermits - ?The Man with the Cigar? Big bosses smoke cigars--at least in movies and songs they do. From Tony Soprano to Winston Churchill, there?s something authoritative about someone with a cigar between their teeth. English beat band Herman?s Hermits put it like this: The man with the cigar walked on up to where I was workin' this mornin' The man with the cigar said that I was workin' too slow Want to look like a boss yourself? We suggest a big ring cigar like the Churchill. 4. Cream - ?N.S.U.? Smoking and driving wasn?t invented yesterday, you know. Eric Clapton?s Cream put this cherished pastime to music back in 1972: Driving in my car, smoking my cigar, The only time I?m happy?s when I play my guitar. While the meaning of ?N.S.U.? is up for debate given the creative liberties Cream took with other song titles, the fact that NSU is the name of a German automaker might have something to do with it. 5. Jethro Tull ?A Small Cigar? Sharing a cigar is a timeless gesture of generosity. Jethro Tull put it poetically in this 1975 psychedelic number when they sang, ?A small cigar can change the world.? Interested in changing the world with a cigar gift basket? You can design your own cigars with our easy-to-use platform!