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Some Cigar Facts

Cigars ? mysterious, yet the life of the party. Chances are, if you ask someone on the street to tell you all they know about cigars, they?ll probably tell you that they?re brown and classy; but, that?s probably all you?ll get out of the answer. It?s a shame that cigars are so popular yet people know so little about them. Well, here are some interesting cigar facts that may teach you a thing or two about appreciating these bad boys.
  • The most famous cigars are Cohiba cigars. These are the classic and vintage ones you probably see aficionados puffing on. If you go to Cuba or anywhere that exports cigars, you?re probably going to be dealing a lot with Cohibas. So next time someone offers you a little puff, you can look impressive and say ?Nice Cohiba!? 9 times out of 10, you?ll be right.
  • The cheapest is the Diplomacito cigar. While these are nowhere near the quality of Cohibas, they allow amateurs to get into the game too. Honestly, you won?t need that much cash to be sporting a Diplomacito. They look pretty fancy and sophisticated, but nobody knows they?re half the price of most cigars. So, beginners, grab yourself a Diplomacito and wow your peers!
  • The newest cigar is the Hoyo de Monterey. This cigar has a more modernized look as opposed to the original brown ones you see everywhere. They offer more experimental tastes and flavors for the risqu? smokers out there, and come in various different shapes. This cigar appeals to the younger audience, so more traditional smokers might want to stick to the Cohiba. But, to each their own.