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The Eminent Need for Specialty Cigars at Your Country Club

When you, the ladies, and the fellas are drinking Merlot and Stella, there is no reason why you shouldn't also have a Stogie Joe perched between your lips. Stogie, cigar, puff machine, or whatever you call it, is something that signifies class, relaxation, and good times. When you're?out and about at your country club having a fantastic and relaxing time playing golf, participating in casino night, relaxing at the pool, or playing tennis, there is no better time to smoke a cigar. Why not make it a specialty cigar? cigar, golf If you're part of a club, specifically a country club, you take pride in being part of it. You associate yourself with the name of the club and the overall brand. This means the people, the golf course, the food, and the events provided for members. Aside from people just associating the club with themselves, members always love to make their club well-known. Why wouldn't you want to show-off the awesome place you always get to relax at? A great way to do this is by investing in customized cigars.

What Are Specialty Cigars?

Cigar companies such as Custom Tobacco offer a wide selection of customizable?blends and bands. It would be nothing short of a power move to get your country club's name on all the cigars that are smoked there. Most, maybe even?all country clubs, offer you basic run of the mill cigars. This is something?that just won't separate your club?from the rest of the pack. With custom cigar bands that have your club's logo on it, it makes your member's even more proud to be a part of your beautiful establishment than they already are. Here are a few reasons why your club should invest in custom cigars.

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  1. It's unique and different from 90% of country clubs that exist.
  2. It makes members proud to be associated with the organization.
  3. It allows the club to be more well known because members will also smoke the custom cigars outside of the club.
  4. It's an interesting addition to the club that allows for potential new members to be intrigued.
  5. It helps contribute to building an overall, and high-class reputation for the club.
  custom tobacco, cigar, specialty cigars, specialty Customized Cigars are new and exciting. They give that extra pop to your club that makes you one of a kind. The difference between regular and specialty, custom cigars is the difference between a BMW and Ferrari. They both are great, but the Ferrari makes heads turn and eyes jump.