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Super Bowl Sunday Cigars

Super Bowl Sunday is fast approaching and to make it the best it could possibly be you need to make sure you have the ever essential three Cs: Chips, Chicks, and Cigars.? While chips are an easy find and hopefully you don?t have too much trouble in the chicks department (can?t help you much there?or can we?), cigars are another story.? You can?t just smoke any cigar?I mean it?s not just any occasion.? Super Bowl Sunday is the most anticipated Sunday of the year and with that comes the Sunday dedicated to doing everything as bro-y as possible. Now what better way to kill that previous Instagram-like record than to have a picture of you and your best buds smoking cigars---but not just any cigars, custom cigars. Customize your cigar in any way you please and show the world that you?re no ordinary cigar smoker (nor are you ordinary in any aspect of life). You only smoke the best, specially customized for you. I mean hell, go crazy and put your face on it. You are the man and the world should know. Oh yeah, football.