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The 5 Most Badass Cigar Smokers in Film & TV

Fact: Cigars make people look cool. Just look at Hollywood. From Casablanca to Inglourious Basterds, cigar smoking has given actors a tool for making pretty much anything look badass. Chomp down on a stogie as we cover the top 5 most Hollywood cigar smokers. (Just remember, in real life biting down on a cigar for too long isn?t actually the best way to smoke it). 5. James Gandolfini - The Sopranos The pulsing opening credits of The Sopranos feature mafia boss Tony Soprano enjoying what looks to be a beefy Churchill cigar on his way home from work. The smokey foreshadowing opened each episode of ?the greatest TV show in history? with a bang. Offscreen, star James Gandolfini took up smoking cigars for real after a trip to Spain. ?I hadn't really smoked them much before,? he told Cigar Aficionado. ?But I found them incredibly relaxing.? His cigar smoking helped raise Tony Soprano to the level of cultural icon, sex symbol, and badass in the matter of one season. 4. Peter Falk - Columbo Cigars aren?t just a favorite pastime for TV?s Lieutenant Columbo. They?re props for catching criminals. Season by season, he puts bad guys in the slammer about as frequently as he takes cigars out of the humidor. By pretending to focus more on lighting a smoke than actually interrogating a potential perp, your father?s favorite TV detective leads many a suspect to underestimate how on-the-case he actually is. It also makes him look even cooler as he casually breaks down a crime--detail by detail--like Sherlock Holmes with a stogie. 3. Al Pacino - Scarface Throughout his bloody rise to the top of the Miami drug trafficking industry, Cuban immigrant Tony Montana puffs on what we can only imagine are the finest cuban cigars. It?s an appropriate choice for a character known for going up in smoke in grandiose style. 2. Clint Eastwood - Dollars Trilogy You can almost smell the rugged bouquet of The Man with No Name?s cigarillos in each slow-burning standoff in Sergio Leone?s classic trilogy of spaghetti westerns. In A Fistful of Dollars, The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly, and For a Few Dollars More, Clint Eastwood made gunslinging look easy by holding a cigar in his mouth the whole time. In fact, he practically invented the badass smoking-while-shooting look we?d see in numerous action films to come--including number 1 on our list. 1. Arnold Schwarzenegger - Predator There?s nothing quite so badass as Arnold Schwarzenegger--except Arnold Schwarzenegger shooting a giant machine gun from a helicopter while biting a cigar. Arnold Schwarzenegger took the term ?badass? to a whole new level in the 1987 Sci-fi Horror flick Predator. But the Governator didn?t have to do much preparation for the cigar smoking aspect of his role. In fact, he?s been a long-time aficionado, winning Cigar Smoker of the Year in 2014. Looking to release your own inner badass? Check out our line of custom cigars for the shape, size, label, and blend that?s perfect for you.