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The Perfect Gift for a New Dad

Fun Fact: The common tradition of giving cigars as a gift to new dads dates back to the 17th century. In those days, cigars were treasured because they were rare and hard to attain. Thus, when a man parted with a cigar it was an expression of deep emotional appreciation. The birth of a boy was considered an event of national importance because of the young man?s value to his father and the community. Therefore, to honor the birth of his son, a cigar was given to friends and family in celebration of the big event. As cigars became more plentiful in the 18th century, they were frequently used as a medium of exchange. Cigars were often used as a way of tipping the grocer, the butcher, and other for their services. Because of the preciousness of cigars in a household, giving away a cigar was considered to be a reflection of deep gratitude. While the cigar smoking tradition has evolved, we still hold on to those same traditions as we view cigars with the same high class and esteem. So next time you're looking for the perfect gift for a new dad, think of the history of cigar gifting and you'll find the perfect gift!