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The Science of Cigar-Drink Pairings

Whether it is a scotch, whiskey, coffee, or even a Dr. Pepper, it is customary to pair your cigar with a drink. ?Your beverage of choice, whatever it may be, is crucial to bringing out certain desired flavors from your cigar. There are four main identifiable tastes: sweet, sour, salty, and bitter. ?These tastes can vary greatly depending on what they are paired with because the different tastes highlight one another. ? For example, if you bite into a lemon and then drink a glass of water, the water will taste very sweet.? On the other hand, if you eat something salty and then drink a glass of water, the water will taste sour or bitter. cigar wine pairing, custom tobacco, custom cigar, custom, wine pairing, cigar pairingThis same theory can be applied to smoking cigars.? If you enjoy a cigar with a more bitter drink like coffee, whiskey, or scotch, you will encounter more sweet flavors while smoking your cigar.? However, if you enjoy a sweet beverage with your cigar like a cola or sweet red wine, you will notice the more smoky flavors in the cigar. It can also be beneficial to pair a bitter drink with a bitter cigar to become desensitized to the strong bitterness, or to pair a sweet drink with a sweet cigar to become desensitized to the sweetness.? This helps mute the flavors to make the experience a milder one. Whatever you are looking for from your cigar-drink pairings, be sure to keep these helpful tips in mind. ?Customize your cigar-drink combo because with a good cigar and a good drink in hand, you can never go wrong.