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Cigars; you?ve seen them everywhere, and probably know a few lads who just can?t get enough of them. They?re interesting, mysterious, and, for lack of a better term, really cool. However, most people never understand why cigars are so popular in our world. I mean, they ?re just fat and brown things anyway, right? In case you didn?t know, there is much more to cigars than meets the eye. Check out these three types of cigars and maybe it?ll awaken a nascent curiosity and inspire you to try one out!
  • The Parejo: This is the most common one. In fact, this was most likely the original cigar shape created by the Mayans. It?s basically a simple cylinder, much like the shape of a cigar. Most people recommend this cigar to beginners. It?s a timeless classic; you can never go wrong with The OG Parejo.
  • The Figurado: These are irregular and less popular, which makes them so unique and appealing. They have a torpedo-esque shape and are very expensive to manufacture. So, for all you sophisticated people out there, this one is for you. It might actually be better to collect these gems rather than smoke them. They?ll be worth a lot some day!
  • Little Cigars: These are relatively newer and more modern. They closely resemble cigarettes, but don?t have a large tax on them like cigarettes do. They?re not traditional cigars, but they are just so darn convenient that many people carry a dozen in their bags or pockets for easy access. People who are always on the run, smoke one of these during a lunch break and you?ll be good.
There you have it. Hopefully you can now see that cigars are more unique than you think!