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What flavor would Flava Flav smoke?

What would these top 5 rappers cigar flavor of choice be? 1. DRAKE This Young Money rapper would likely opt for Vanilla Macadamia, because of its?rich, delicious and well, YOLO. 2. NICKI MINAJ This female rap queen would likely smoke a?honey maple cigar because she?s girly but tough. 3. EMINEM This tougher-than-nails rapper is intimidating enough to deem him the only?artist on this list to doubtlessly smoke au natural: He is a flavorless cigar?man. 4. LIL WAYNE Cr?me Brulee cigars would be The Carter?s choice of smoke because of his lust?for luxury, and because of his got-money-show-it motto. 5. KANYE WEST Taking Kanye?s workout plan?s ?Eat yo salad ? no dessert? mantra into?account, he would likely choose Sambuca, mostly because he is now a?member of the Kardashian family and could probably use a drink.