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What Your Cigar Holding Technique Says About You

If you want to figure out someone?s personality before even talking to them, look at how they hold a cigar.? There are many different ways to hold a cigar, and all of them represent a cigar smoker?s personality, whether it?s their confidence level or competence in talking to a crowd. Wondering how you come off when you?re enjoying a smoke?? Here are 6 common ways people hold cigars and what it says about who they are. #1 The Autocratic Look? By holding the cigar with the cigar between your index and thumb while folding the rest of your fingers in towards the palm, it gives off an appearance of being autocratic.? But appearances are deceiving.? This hold actually reveals that an individual has a sensible and fair-minded personality, more practical and impartial than an absolute, autocratic ruler. #2 The Cautious Look When you see someone holding a cigar between all of their fingers, it makes you think they?re being extra cautious and playing it safe about the ash that?s falling off the cigar.? But again, not everything is what it seems.? This hold is showing an individual who is actually egotistical and hard, closed off to outsiders and probably known as a strict boss wherever they work. #3 The Practical Look If the smoker is holding a cigar tucked into the index and middle finger with the rest of their fingers folded in and closed off, it looks like, and does actually mean, they?re a pretty practical person.? But hidden in that practical look is that individual?s tendency for vengeance.? If you really want to approach this person, approach with caution! #4 The Welcoming Look Someone who you should approach is a person thrusting the cigar out in a pointed manner while tucking it between their index and middle finger, with the rest of the fingers folded in.? An individual with this hold is someone who?s generous, talkative, and democratic.? This hold is welcoming you to come over and start a conversation. #5 The Skeptical Look Skeptical about striking up a conversation? This person is just as skeptical about you.? When a person holds their cigar with the tips of their index and thumb, they?re most likely someone who has a hard time trusting others and views people skeptically.? On a brighter note, they?re probably very well dressed and have a habit of being neat. #6 The Thrifty Look People who generally like to hold their cigars with an external object, like a thin stick, so they don?t have to hold it between their fingers, have a thrifty personality.? They don?t like to be wasteful, so they?re very careful in how they use their cigar.