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Words That Will Make You Sounds Like A Pro

Inhale:?What you are not supposed to do with cigar smoke. Lance/Piercer:?A lance or piercer is a cutter with a pointed, sharp end used to pierce a small hole in the closed end of a cigar. Lances and piercers are relatively uncommon today. Loose:?This describes a cigar that is under-filled and has a quick draw. A cigar with a loose draw often burns hot and causes harsh flavors. It is not desirable. Maduro:?Maduro is a wrapper shade that is a very dark reddish-brown to almost black.? The word means ripe in Spanish. The color can be achieved by sun exposure, a cooking process or a prolonged fermentation. Nosing:?The act of exhaling a bit of cigar smoke through your nose after a puff, which is a way to judge the power of a smoke and get more notes on the cigar?s flavor. Do not inhale the smoke. Oscuro:?The blackest shade of wrapper, darker than maduro. Plug:?A blockage that sometimes occurs in the tobacco that can prevent a cigar from drawing properly. A plug can sometimes be alleviated by gently massaging the cigar.