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The Briarmont Difference

Cigar Selection

Briarmont Classic
Made from the finest Dominican tobacco on the market and wrapped in a premium Connecticut wrapper, the Briarmont Classic is an extremely smooth cigar that can be appreciated by novice cigar smokers and veteran connoisseurs alike. A great morning, afternoon or after dinner smoke, the well-aged Briarmont Classic is designed to be enjoyed in all settings by any smoker, with extremely smooth and complex flavors that are neither too spicy nor too overpowering.

Briarmont Maduro
Designed for the true connoisseur, the Briarmont Maduro is an extremely rich and complex smoke that provides a uniquely smooth and chocolatey flavor with just the right amount of spice, without being harsh or excessively spicy. The perfect cigar to pair with a rich cup of coffee or after a big meal, the Briarmont Maduro is a great choice for connoisseurs that enjoy a full-bodied Maduro or newer smokers looking to step up to a strong cigar.

Briarmont Double
By combining the smoothness of the Briarmont Classic's Connecticut Wrapper with the rich and robust flavor of the Briarmont Maduro, the Briarmont Double Wrap has revolutionized what a fine cigar should be. Despite its novel "barber-pole" appearance, the Briarmont Double Wrap packs an amazing amount of flavor into a cigar that is complex enough for even the most veteran enthusiasts, while not too overpowering for the occasional smoker. Smooth and creamy, yet full-flavored and peppery, the Briarmont Double Wrap is designed to be enjoyed by any smoker at any hour of the day.

Briarmont Reserve
Described by many as "the best Cuban cigar not to be made in Cuba," the Briarmont Reserve packs an amazing amount of flavor, complexity and kick into a cigar that manages to remain extremely smooth and creamy. Resembling the flavor profile of a Cuban Partagas, the Briarmont Reserve is a one-of-a-kind smoke designed by connoisseurs for connoisseurs.

Briarmont Limited
The Shade-Grown Limited features four and five year old Dominican tobacco. The Shade-Grown Leaves and artisan crafted cigar produce a medium-bodies flavor with a vanialla-like sweetness and a smooth and creamy richness.

Briarmont Especial
Featuring a complex blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican cigars, this Cuban-style cigar is wrapped in an Oily Habano wrapper, giving it a medium to full bodied richness with hints of toasted sweet vanilla and dark cocoa bean, allowing for a perfectly well-rounded smoke.